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Swimming with dolphins Living on the water (and swimming with dolphins) makes us aware of our environment and the importance of protecting our water and our planet. When we first started the Boatel operation in 2004 it was difficult to find alot of bio-degradable dish and laundry soaps. In fact, in 2004 I found a bio-degradable laundry detergent at a local store and bought 8 bottles of it. Today we only buy bio-degradable laundry soaps and we are pleased that they are readily available and more affordable. I always read labels of all cleaning products and look for products that are made using natural plant and mineral based ingredients that contains no phosphorus or bleach. I also check for a “Designed for the Environment” EPA seal.

A few years ago I discovered research that shows that the main ingredient in antibacterial hand and dish-washing soaps is triclosan, and that it is now showing up in not only our water supply but has also been detected in human breast milk  and also in our oceans. Alarmingly scientists have not found a way to get rid of triclosan contamination in our water sources. Because of this research we have  made a decision to remove all antibacterial soaps from the Boatel.

One of my big pet peeves is marina’s and municipality that do not recycle.  I personally  refuse to put plastics, glass and cardboard in the garbage bins, put rather hold on to it only it can be properly recycyled even if it means going  out of my way to make sure it does not end up in a garbage bin. We must all lobby to ensure that our marinas support green initatives.

A few years ago we installed dispensers in the showers for shampoo and body wash (both of which dispense bio-degradable products), thereby eliminating hundreds on miniature unused soap and body location containers that end up in our landfills. I would like to see all inns and bed & breakfasts move to eliminating small bottles in favour of a friendly alternative that uses less plastic. We explain to our guests that the products we use are bio-degradable and we prefer that they use our products while they are with us, thereby educating people one guest at a time.  We continue to make every effort  to be environmentally responsible and set a  example for others to follow.

Do you have any suggestions for green living?

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