Requesting low fat diets or gluten free breakfast

Monitoring issuBelgium Waffleses with diabetics, hyperglycemia, gluten intolerance and other medical concerns are vitally important in the maintenance of good health. People are usually very good about communicating those concerns when staying at our B & B.  It has happened on occasion that people have told us about the medical condition only after the meal. As a bed & breakfast owner we pride ourselves on being able to adapt recipes or a menu for personal preference or medical conditions but the responsibility lies with the guest to disclose the information.  For those who don’t speak up- I can simply offer that it really is no imposition, but rather a service that we gladly offer.

As well, for many of us keeping watch on weight gain is a monumental ongoing battle. Diets of every flavour have been around for years including low fat, no fat, Atkins, Grapefruit Diet, South Beach, and the list goes on. By making long term lifestyle changes many have been able to lose weight and maintain an ideal weight for years through programs such as Weight Watchers or Fit-For-Life.

Going on vacation or traveling for business often causes a disruption to that balance that has been achieved or a setback in the goals that we are trying to achieve. Much like a medical condition requesting a low fat or low carbohydrate breakfast is the responsibility that need not be ignored while on holidays.

For years the Boatel has delighted visitors with its mouth-watering culinary delights including Old Fashioned Belgium Waffles and Apple Pecan Breakfast Lasagna. Guests enjoy eating something new or different that that don’t eat at home.  We have also recognized the need to offer a menu that addresses a variety of dietary restrictions such as calorie-reduce meal plans for low fat and no-fat or sodium-reduced diets. So, please don’t be shy, all you need to do is ask. Perhaps you’ll even discover a new favorite recipe.

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  1. I love to see B & B that offer something else other than the standard eggs and bacon or pancakes. I totally agree with you, when I travel I like to try something new and different that I don’t eat at home. Those waffles look great. I look forward to go to the Boatel this summer.

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