Maritime kitchen party set for Toronto waterfront in June

Waterfront FestivalA Maritime kitchen party of gargantuan proportions is set for the Toronto waterfront this June.

The showcase of Maritime food and entertainment is set for June 21-24 at HTO Park on the downtown waterfront. “It’s a terrific venue and it’s going to be an amazing event,” a Toronto Tourism epresentative said Thursday.

““The event will expose the best of Maritime Canada to southern Ontario residents in a four-day, non-stop street-level kitchen party on the Toronto Waterfront,” said the organizers.

Complete details of the Toronto event will be announced on the Kitchen Stage at the opening Friday of the weekend Saltscapes East Coast Expo at Exhibition Park.

Several government departments from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, Sobeys Ontario division, and Subaru partnered with the Saltscapes organization of Bedford for the Toronto event.

It will be a Toronto version of the Saltscapes East Coast Expo consumer show, with supporting roles played by Taste of Nova Scotia and Clearwater Seafoods, organizers say.

The Come East event will be part of the Toronto Waterfront Redpath Festival at HTO Park, which is expected to attract about 750,000 people over four days. HTO Park is near the CN Tower and Rogers Centre. About 100 booths will be set up under canvas, surrounding an elevated central stage for participating Maritime musicians.

There is also a business aspect to the initiative that goes beyond the travel industry, said organizers. Ontario-based grocery retailers are invited to attend a trade day where they will be able to sample East Coast foods and meet suppliers.

Being from New Brunswick I will be flying a NB flag on the Boatel during this event and hosting a cocktail reception on Saturday night for our guests.

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