Tall Ships Coming to Toronto

The Tall Ships are coming….the Tall Ships are coming!

by: Diane Greene

I am not the town crier but I am really excited that the Tall Ships are coming back to Toronto Waterfront in June 2013. The Redpath Toronto Waterfront Festival is an event not to be missed but this year is another special year with the guest appearances from visiting Tall Ships from around the world.

Toronto Waterfront FestivalThese impressive giant sailing vessels will grace our waterfront docks for only a short time, so be sure to plan to be in Toronto from Thursday June 20th to Sunday June 23rd. Tickets will be available for tours aboard the Tall Ships so stayed tuned for details on how to purchase your front-of-the-line tickets. And ofcourse you’ll need to book early to get a room on the Boatel that weekend.

I would be remiss not mention the loss of the tall-ship The Bounty which sadly was lost during Hurricane Sandy in October 2012 off the North Carolina coast. We had the pleasure of touring The Bounty on her last stop in 2010 in Toronto. To the families of the lost captain and crew our deepest condolences.

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