Reasons to stay at a Bed and Breakfast?

Some people have never stayed at a B & B for many reasons. Many of our guests tell us that all of their experiences at B & B’s have been positive and we’re not surprised because B & B owners are professional innkeepers who’s pride themselves in welcoming people into their homes. If you haven’t stayed at a B & B then maybe you should make a plan to experience a Bed and Breakfast this year.  Here are the 6 top reasons why you should stay at a Bed and Breakfast this summer

  1. French Toast and BaconBreakfast – let’s face it Breakfast is part of our name! Most B & B’s serve a hot, homemade breakfast instead of the continental breakfasts we’ve all come to expect in most chain hotels, which usually consists of muffins, cereal, fruit, coffee and juice. B & B’s pride themselves in accommodating special diets such as vegan, vegetarian or gluten free or food allergies such as nuts,  while serving up a delicious breakfast that you’ll want to tell your friends about.
  2. Cost – The cost is probably about the same or less than a hotel except that B & B’s generally do not raise their rates based on occupancy the way most hotels do. Even if there is a special event or a festival gong on, our rates remain the same through the summer. We offer an honour bar where we trust you  to help yourself and we don’t charge you outrageous mini-bar charges.
  3. Free Amenities – Here is where the biggest value can be found. B & B’s don’t charge extra for things like Wifi, water, cookie, tea and coffee. These things you pay, sometimes at ridiculous mark-up at a hotel.
  4. It Feels like Home – B & B are someone’s home with beautifully decorated rooms often with a theme. When you book a room on the owner’s website you know exact what your room will look like and you are guaranteed that not every room will look exactly the same. It’s an atmosphere that feels like home with nice sheets, plush linens and soothing touches to make you feel at home.
  5. No curfew – Each of our guests are given a key so that guests can easily come and go as they please. We don’t have a curfew however but we do ask that you be quiet late at night as not to disturb others that may have gone to bed early. Many of our guests will enjoy still on the back deck or the sky lounge enjoying a glass of wine and taking in the sites of the city.
  6. Personal and personalize experience – You’re not a room number or Mr. Smith in room 3 but rather we John from Edmonton. When you need help deciding what to do in our town we’re glad to share advice. And if you’re travelling alone you don’t need to worry about sitting by yourself at breakfast. B & B owners pride themselves on providing a personalized experience and hope that they create long-lasting memories for our guests. These are nice touches that you don’t find in traditional hotels.

Thank you for considering a bed and breakfast. We think you’ll be happy you did.

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Diane Greene stepped off the corporate treadmill in 2004 for pursue a life of traveling and adventure. 10 years later she is still operating Toronto's only Boat Bed and Breakfast and travelling with her husband on Boatel, their 65 foot trawler in the US and Bahamas during the winter. Diane has three wonderful children and 3 grandbabies. Diane loves photography, travel and scuba diving.

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