Reverse Advent Calendar

“I have discovered that as I grow older my Christmas wish list gets smaller because the things that I really want can’t be bought.” Reverse Advent Calendar

A new and wonderful trend has emerged on social media this year called the Reverse Advent Calendar started by Julie Van Rosendaal, a food writer from Calgary, Alberta. The tradition of the Advent Calendar was intended as a countdown to Christmas where you (particularly children) would receive a gift each day of advent season. This year I challenge everyone who reads this post to join the Reverse Advent Calendar movement and be on the giving end this season – for it is better to give than to receive. I would also like to challenge all of my B & B owner-friends from around the world to do the same.

Pick a box or a basket like mine above and every day in December put one item in your box with food, personal care items or something special like holiday chocolates. On December 24th donate the entire box to a family in need or a shelter in your community.

Don’t worry its not to late to start. Please add your name to the comment section here if you are joining the challenge or post a picture of your basket on our Facebook page.

“Peace, Love and Sandy Feet”

Diane & Ted Greene


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