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Toronto Bed and Breakfast jn downtown TorontoEight years ago when I worked in the corporate world I dreaded coming to downtown Toronto and only did so when it was absolutely necessary. I saw the crowds, the traffic and the noise. Today we run a bed and breakfast in downtown Toronto and live at the heart of Toronto’s waterfront. Now I enjoy discovering a city I never knew with a different pair of glasses. It helps that we have a spectacular panoramic view of  downtown, the harbour and the Toronto Islands.

Part of my job of running a B & B in Toronto is to share in knowledge of the best that Toronto has to offer. We have taken on role as ambassadors of the city, a city concierge. It’s a tall order but we have had fun discovering the city in the eyes of a tourist and continue to explore and learn. Some places are hidden gems others are places that you know but rarely explore to the fullest. So put on your sunglasses and lets take a walk with us and let us share with your our the best of Toronto.

The best place to start is right here in our waterfront neighbourhood. Harbourfront Centre is a great place to be in the summer and it’s is only a short walk away from the Boatel. The official response is they have numerous activities including music, food and cultural celebrations as part of a series of FREE festivals which explores ideas in contemporary culture, bringing together rich, artistic traditions from around the globe. Wow that was a mouthful, but there really is so much at Harbourfront Centre to see and do. Let’s look first at the Toronto Music Garden.

The Music Garden is just that a botanical garden which span 4 acres with different themes. They offer one hour guided tours on Wednesday mornings and Thursday evening or you can rent an audio tour. But the annual Summer Music in the Garden is what attracts people on Thursdays and Sunday to sit and relax on a bench, a blanket or a lawn chair to listen to classical and traditional music from around the world.  You will forget that your in the city and down forget to stop and smell the floGoing to a beach in Torontowers.

An umbrella, a comfy chair and a beach in Toronto? Yes in 2007 Toronto opened an urban beach at HtO park. This sandpit has lots of muskoka chair with bright yellow umbrella’s for shade right on the water’s edge. So grab the sunscreen, a picnic lunch and enjoy people watching along the wooden boardwalk. You’ll have a birds eye view of all the charter boats heading out for a cruise with a boat full of people and wish you were there but more about that later. They also just opened another urban beach this year at Sugar Beach with pink umbrellas and a water park.

Welcome to My Toronto.

Tell us what is your favorite place in Toronto?

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