Toronto named Top Tourist Destination for American travellers

Hotel Price Index announced that Toronto wToronto B & B loves Torontoas named the  fourth most popular international tourist destination for American travellers! The others on the list ahead of Toronto were London, Paris and Rome in order. Vancouver and Barcelona and Montreal followed in fifth, six and seventh position.

There are lots of reasons why US travellers love Toronto but here are the top 4. Here’s what our guests had to say about Toronto.

CLEAN: “Now I know why Toronto is so clean. I walked down the street and watched as someone picked up a coffee lid that someone else dropped and put it in the garbage. No wonder this city is so clean!”.

SAFE: “We walked back from the theatre at 10:30 at night because it was such a nice night and at no time did I not feel safe walking in Toronto, you can’t say that about alot of US cities”

A WALKING CITY: “Toronto is definitely a walking city. Next time I come I am going to wear my walking shoes. I stayed at the Boatel for 5 days and parked the car and walked everywhere I wanted to go. I love it and Toronto Bed and Breakfast on a Boat is a vacationer’s dream!”

FOOD AND DRINK: “I love the multicultural feel of Toronto and the fact that you can go to Chinatown, Little Italy and Greektown for authentic food. From vegetarian burgers to upscale cuisine – Toronto has it all.”

What is your favorite things about Toronto?


One thought on “Toronto named Top Tourist Destination for American travellers

  1. I agree on those points: CLEAN, SAFE and A WALKING CITY. I spent 2weeks there and I’m pretty sure will visit it again very soon.

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