Eco-friendly travel credentials becoming more important to travellers

On November 8, 2011 TRIPADVISOR announced the results of its annual travel trends survey for 2012 of more than 2,700 U.S. travelers. Despite the current economic climate, 31 percent anticipate they will spend more on leisure travel next year, while 49 percent expect to spend the same amount as they did in 2011.

Green Travel – 20 years ago we would not even have considered deciding on a hotel or bed and breakfast based on it’s environmentally-conscious or green initiatives however today 12% of respondents from the Tripadvisor survey stated that “eco’friendly” hotels were an important criteria.

Tripadvisor includes questions about Eco-friendly Travel Actions.
1.Participating in a hotel’s linen or towel re-use program – 71%
2.Switching off the air-conditioning or heat when leaving the hotel room – 51%
3.Select a hotel specifically for its “green” or environmentally-conscious credentials – 12%

Being an Eco-friendly accommodation is more that just saving water on towels. It’s all part of a stratey that encompasses trash removal and recycling; using environmentally-conscious products for cleaning; and of-course conserving energy and water. It’s a whole way of thinking and operating to ensure that all of our actions are friendly to the environment.

At the Boatel, our commitment is to sustainable environmental practices for ourselves, our guests and community. We applaud TRIPADVISOR for including this classification in their annual survey and for people who support Eco-friendly travel options. For more about see our blog post under Green Living.

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