Welcome aboard

We were two corporate souls who managed to find each other and jumped – no leaped – out of our very secure environment to chase a dream of living and traveling on a boat. Now during the summer we operate a  Toronto’s only a floating hotel – a Boatel or a Floatel as some like to call it. During the winters we cruise south to explore the 750 Islands of the Bahamas.

I wish I could call this the untold story but in actual fact it has been retold many times. People are always asking us “how did you come up with the idea of a Bed & Breakfast on a boat in downtown Toronto?”  or “How could you just quit your jobs and buy a boat and travel to the Bahamas?” Since I haven’t written a book, I decided to publish this blog.  Its about the things that we love in Toronto, places we have travelled, the people we have met and our adventures along the way.

Boatelier Diane & Ted in the Bahamas