Boatel launches Honour Bar

What is an Honour  Bar?

Like many European hotels, we have decided to offer an  Honour Bar allowing our  guests to serve and record their own drinks on the Boatel in Toronto. This service is provided as a convenience to our guests who may want a glass of wine late at night when the stores are closed or a bottle of ice cold beer instead of buying a whole case.

The honour system is alive and well in the boating community and is based on trust, kindness, honour and honesty. We are pleased to extend that honour system to our guests who could theoretically lie about their drink consumption, and we would not challenge them however we may question their integrity.

Guests can opt for just a glass or a whole bottle of our house wine or a premium bottle. The can even request us to stock a particular brand for a return visit to the Boat Hotel in Toronto.

We have set fair prices and have a book to log consumption. So please feel free to help yourself to the honor bar in our home.  Cheers!

Your hosts,

Diane & Ted

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